Voyager Kit Painted to Match Cavalcade

About two weeks ago (May 3rd) Will and I decided we would go ahead and repaint the Voyager wheels, running boards and rear mud flap to match the Cavalcade paint. The decision was made and then to find matching paint. We had looked several months earlier at the local auto parts store and could not find anything really close in color so of couse it was going to be different now.
We pulled in on the bike and took several different cans of paint outside to the bike and then would return them inside and take a few more back out side. This process continued for about half an hour or more. Like I said we had already done this six months earlier and had decided none of the colors really matched. Since the bike has two distinct shades of blue a dark one and a light one it wasn’t like trying to find just one color..there were two…and don’t even think about the pin striping! (And I thought shopping for a clothing outfit was hard!)
Anyway we finally found some paints that we thought would work. hehe The color of the cap INDICATES what the color of the paint will look like when sprayed on your surface. Well different surfaces look different when paint is applied. My bike is some sort of plastic composite material and the Voyager kit is made of metal so right away there is a bit of difference in color even if the same paint is sprayed on them.
Someone said I should have had photos of the complete process…..that someone was not along for all the discussions and the PROCESS!!!! We made a couple of different road trips for more cans of spray paint and rejected them. I also made a few side trips to different auto and hardware stores to check out their paints. Until you go to match a specific color with metallic flake you do not know what kind of fun you are in for. Anyway here are some before and after shots.


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  1. This is a wonderful Cavalcade and the conversion appears to be superb!

  2. This looks like a wonderful Cavalcade and a superb trike conversion!


  3. Hi: I’m sure glad to see your Cade. Iam looking into a voyager kit for my 86 Cade. I was intrested in how one looks on a Cade. Your’s is fine looking. Do you dind any down side to the Voyager Kit?

  4. Do you have instructions that came with your voyager kit. I would like to see close up pictures of the underside to see if my voyager kit would fit with the hardware i have or will i have to purchase differnt hardware,

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