Snow Day

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No it isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke…it has been snowing off and on most of the day!  Really makes me wish I was back in Arizona today!  I enjoyed a 3 1/2 week visit there with family to come back this week to West Virginia and winter!!!  Thank God I have a warm house with a roof and warm clothes…I do realize there are many in this world who are not as blessed! Also had reports yesterday of a couple of friends either stranded in airports or in other states because of very bad weather.  One was at an air show in Florida when tornadoes popped up…several airplanes were turned over…guess that was some  “airshow excitement” that was not on the original agenda!!

Not much going on today but resting up and getting adjusted to the time change here…I want to stay up till 3AM then sleep most of the day…it sure does take awhile to readjust!  I am actually just trying to get in the habit of thinking about blogging again since I was “challenged” by a good friend and I have had some people recently comment on some of my very old posts…so time to insert new stuff as boring as it may be!

Have a very blessed day!  Praying for Jen and the team she is with on their way to Haiti for another mission trip.  May God bless them and keep them safe!


Scrumptious Delicious Grapes

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I know you are wondering what this has to do with biking or even anything else that I have blogged about.  I LIKE em a LOT!!!! Besides I am outside some sort of metal shop in Akron, OH sitting in the van unplugged from the Internet and Twitter and Facebook and TV etc. I have already listened to my Hillsong Live “Saviour King” CD, read two more chapters in The Essence of His Presence by Ogilvie, the December-January 2007 issue of Country Home magazine and even lost a game of Hoyle Rummy Squares. Well lately I have been on a grape kick so I decided I might as well do something else and share this (as if you were really interested!)

Even back several months ago when we were still riding before the mounds of snow dumped on us I would rinse nice clusters of green grapes, separate them from their stems, dry them and place generous servings into baggies for our sack lunches.  So many times out riding we stop at places that just have the fast foods and fried stuff which I tend to avoid and I know is not healthy at all for myself or my husband.

God has given us a wonderful food in the grape.  I can remember for years the story of Joshua and Caleb way back when…even before I became a Grandma… when they were spies into the promised land.  Their tales of the land flowing with “milk and honey” was substantiated with the pole they carried of a cluster of grapes.

Numbers 13:23  And they came unto the brook of Eshcol, and cut down from thence a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they bore it between two upon a staff; and they brought of the pomegranates, and of the figs.

Now I don’t know about you think, but I think if that was ONE cluster of grapes those were some BIG babies!!!!!!

I am sure that cluster was much larger the this one I found on the Internet


I also found about 33 other scriptures relating to grapes in the Bible that were interesting.  If you find this fascinating you too can search here for more information.

The grapes I have been finding locally at the stores lately have been huge, sweet and juicy.  Will thinks they are rather expensive.  Well they have not been on sale, but oh they are soooo good!  By the time he looks to see if there are anymore I have already eaten them.  They almost as big around as a ping pong ball and just about too big to pop whole into your mouth!

Anyway since it is now day two of our trip and I have a bit to connect to the hotel Internet before traveling more this afternoon I will post this now, but it it goes through immediately give me a few minutes to get online and edit it as I know I have to do a few things like insert my photo and check for typos. hehe

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