Aw Grandma do we have to be in the same pic together??? 1.Katrina16 & Kalin13 my 2 oldest grandkidsHonestly we were not doing anything!!!2.Keagen5-grandson and cousin Tyler4Enough Photos of my Easter Finery Where\'s the Candy???3.Michelle and Karson 7 mnths old w/meIs that everyone?4.Michelle,Me,sis Cathy,bro Ken,Katrina,Kalin (w/Karson) Keagen,Tyler
Mom and the Foursome5.3/21/08 bro Jim,Me,Mom,sis Cathy,bro Ken beside Mom’s house in Mesa, AZ


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  1. Hi ya Linda!

    Wow am I impressed!

    What an interesting site!
    I loved the articles and the pictures.

    Good job, Clay

  2. Thanks Clay! We will be near your area next month maybe we can get together.

  3. Hi Linda,
    you are looking great.I cant believe that Michelle’s children are that grown up already.
    Well we are at another one of those rocky spots in our lives.Rick had to take a job in Sullivan,In. He left this morning to start working there on monday.
    please keep us in your daily prayers.In His love, Hannelore

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