Indiana Wants ME

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R Dean Taylor – Indiana Wants Me 1970

I remember as a young teenager having just moved from Indiana the year before when this song came out and of course missing my friends and finding it hard to make new friends as I entered a new school I was thinking the chorus of this song was just for me!  I was not really paying attention to the lyrics!

Well after last week’s Cade Raid I can honestly say Indiana “police” do not want me, but there may be a couple of the other riders who may be wanted…not mentioning any names….they did say they were only blowing out the carbs of course!

These photos were taken when were at Cataract Falls.  We had a great catered dinner on the covered bridge there.

We watched the fisherman pull a decent size fish out and net it in.  Then headed the 40 miles back to the motel for the evening.  We had over 200+ miles of riding/site seeing for that day and everyone was tired.

Instead of posting a day by day diary of what went on I am going to post a few emails from our Cavalcade group with soem comments from the goup about our trip.  No sense in me reinventing the wheel. 🙂  I liked the way Ed said it best anyway and don’t think I can improve on it.

Ed wrote:

Most of us arrived at the motel on Sunday, greetings all around between old friends & new. As at past events, the group seemed to hit it off great from the start.

Monday we toured the covered bridges in the area, lots of interesting old architecture. Amazing to think how these were built, how the massive timbers were curved & worked w/o power tools or equipment. We also stopped at a working grist mill for a look around & some ice cream.  Will & Linda planned & led this ride.

After dinner that evening we had a lesson on the charging system courtesy of a failed stator, thankfully we had everything on hand & it was taken care of in short order.

Tuesday was the long route from – scenic roads with a  good combo of sweepers & enough sharp curves to keep it interesting!  Passed some more of the covered bridges along the way & had lunch in a small town cafe. Al Cechovsky found this route & led the ride.

Wednesday we were led by John, a local rider that Mark contacted. No idea where we went, but it was a nice ride & included another small town cafe and a stop at a lakeside park with a gorgeous view.

Wednesday evening we had a catered dinner served ON a covered bridge – quite a novel idea, something to remember & pretty good food too!  Since it was quite a ways from the motel we also had another good ride to & from it.  Linda found this & made the arrangements for it.

Thursday morning several riders had to leave for home. The rest of us did some bike work, then took a ride to check out a place that does custom lighting products – more on this later if anything comes of it.  Jim led on the way, and apparently NOBODY led the way back because we all got separated & somehow took different routes…. hey, it was fun!

Friday most of us had to leave. It’s always sad to see it end.

Absolutely fantastic time, I think everyone really enjoyed themselves including those that stayed for a day or arrived late in the week. The motel was perfect for us, everything we needed and none of the expensive amenities we don’t use anyway.  Many thanks to all for the great way this event turned out, it was definately a group effort & I’m proud to have been a part of it!

The stats!

Total attendance   :  30 people from 9 states & 1 province.
Total motorcycles :  19
Total Cavalcades  :  18 including two trikes, one Voyager, & one sidecar rig.

Total failures to proceed -0- (one stator failure caught by voltmeter well in advance)
Total mishaps -0-   Not even a parking lot drop (that I know of)
Several adjustments & minor repairs.
WAAY too many good meals!!

Alan wrote:

Ed did forget one “almost” incident.
Indiana is a no helmet state, but luckily for the driver of the the blue cade with the voyager kit he chose to wear his helmet.  You see, during a group ride, right after executing a sharp right turn… I saw that he was beaten mercilessly with a map by the back seat navigator…like I said good thing he wore his helmet. LOL

And we won’t say WHO Alan was talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway everyone had a terrific time and there just is not enough time or space to tell everything that happened!  Those who didn’t make the rally missed a wonderful time.  Hope you make next year’s Cade Raid up in La Crosse, WI.   From what I understand the ones who went to the west raid had some wonderful rides also…when I saw  their pics their in AZ it made me home sick even though I was just there in Jan/Feb and again in May!!!!

God bless and safe riding!


Memories Past & Present

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In memory of John Robert Dobbs I want to refer you to his memorial site.  He died in a tragic accident one year ago today just a few days before his High School graduation.  My prayers go out to his loving family especially John & Maggy Dobbs, his parents.

I remember that day clearly as I had just a few hours earlier had given a hug to a mutual friends (Larry & Peggy West) of ours and told them it was from John Dobbs.  As we ate lunch they asked me how I knew John and we talked about Internet and blogs and chatting.  You see I have never met John & Maggy, but have chatted with them for a couple years now over the Internet and feel as though they could very well be some of my best friends.  There have been times when we have had daily interactions and prayer requests.

Anyway not 4 hours later Larry came up to me and told me the very sad news about John Robert.  I was so shocked.  We got John’s cell phone number and immediately called him to offer what words we could though we knew he was in a state of shock.  I still get tears in my eys at this writing.

I was on my first day of a We Care Campaign and over the next few days as I talked to several of those participating I found out that there were others there from all over the US that also knew John & Maggy and who knew John Robert from when he was a child at camp.   I was able to read online the many posts and words of encouragment to the Dobbs family and the articles about John Robert.  I also read over the coming months  John’s blog where he shared with the world his deep grief.  He opened his heart to so many by letting others see his pain and also allowing them to know how God was working in his own life to heal and to continue to work and heal him and Maggy.

As a mom and grandma I know that  one fear I  pray is never having to go through the death of my children/grandchildren before my own.   I thank God that He is there and promises to be there for us no matter what.  Last August when my 14 year old grandson disappeared for over 4 hours I know I felt terror myself.  I could do nothing but cry and pray as I was thousands of miles from where they live and could not join the search for him.  I know God heard the prayers…I also know God some times says yes and other times says no.  We have the right to question Him.  We are His children.  We don’t always understand Him and God knows that.  HE STILL LOVES US!  He will never leave us nor forsake us!

As I prepare today to attend my 17 year old granddaughter’s graduation I do not take anything for granted.  I thank God for all the miracles in life.  I pray for the safety of all the young graduates today.  I also pray for those families who have loses and especially for my friends John & Maggy.

Love to you!

Katrina Graduation Party

Katrina's Graduation Party-Sunday May 17th

Today is also Keagen’s last day of 1st grade!  Another big accomplishment! Here he is in his new school t-shirt ready for that last day.



And Kalin finished his freshman year yesterday! So everyone is happy wqith the end of school!

Kalin -  finals are over!

Kalin - finals are over!

May God be with you and give you a very blessed day!


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The hectic times roll…. The first week of August I rode to Charleston to meet up with 4 other Cavalcade riders and of course the one coming the farthest was Richard and his wife, Linda.

4 WV Cades Meet

4 WV Cades Meet

Jim,  , Gar, Linda, Linda & RIchard

Jim, Roger, Gary, Linda, Linda & Richard

They spent a good bit of time traveling around visiting people and places before the week long Cade Raid in Townsend, TN.

On August 16th as we headed to TN we made a prison stop in Beckley, WV along with 33 other bikers.  We were not allowed to take any photos for security reasons so I can’t share any here, but I will say it is something that I will never forget.  The inmates enjoyed our visit and would like for us to come more frequently.  We were all entertained and sang along with a quartet called The Rythm Riders.  Another biker from Ohio gave his testimony of how his life was before Christ and where he lived in the Ohio prison system years before.  The hour we were there went by too quickly for all and we do look forward to returning as soon as we are able to go again.  We had a quick breakfast with some of our friends from Charleston before we were on the road to TN. and they were off to other events locally.

We made a stop in Bristol, VA for lunch with my Uncle Cecil and his girlfriend Peggy and to see his new Harley.

Will, Peggy & Cecil

Will, Peggy & Cecil

Then we traveled on to Townsend, TN to Valley View Lodge where we stayed for the next 5 nights and enjoyed ourselves and met many new friends at the Cade Raid.

Sign from the back of Martha & Ernie's truck!

Sign from Martha & Ernie's truck

You can view many of our Cade Raid photos on the Cade Rade Photo page here on my Blog. We left the Cade Raid on Thursday as on Friday we needed to be in Ripley, WV for the WV State CMA Rally.

Friday was a great day and travel to Ripley went smooth.  We arrived at Parmchment Valley in time to help set up for the rally.



Friday night was set aside for the varied talents and everyone looked forward to the program.

Some entertained with singing and others were able to sing and play.

And the scene was set

for the skit that kept the audience laughing “CMA’S WHAT NOT TO WEAR”

Brenda as “Stacy Lou” and Will as “Clint” were the fashion experts for our “show”.   They should be on TV!

Wrinkled Raisin Rosie (Michele) is escorted onto the stage by Rumpled Randy (Gene) and their disarray was discussed by Stacy Lou & Clint.  Rosie then sat on a nearby “park bench” exhibiting her less than ladylike posture.

We then had Stained Up Stella (Jeanne) make an appearance and she thought herself gorgeous.  She was wearing paint stained clothing and even picked her teeth in public.

Here comes Susan as “Mismatched Molly”.

Then our Regional Evangelist, Rick Steffy, as “Road Warrior Walt” modeled inappropriate Christian biker wear.  The head gear is of course not a DOT approved helmet, neither are sandals or shorts recommended safety clothing.  And of course everyone roared with laughter at his “prison shirt and handcuffs”.

Next came (me) Suggestive Suzie to do some shopping.

After my transition…..

I became Surrendered Sue (Mary).

Entire “What Not To Wear” cast.  I wish I had a video of the entire performance.  We had fun doing it and without a rehearsal we feel it came off great.  Everyone in the skit live all over WV and had only got together that day before the evening performance so it was an adventure.

Liza playing her violin.


The slow race

But of course…I would wear a black t-shirt when it already feels like 100 degrees out.

Where did you put that dime???

I think he is right on top of it!

Well It Has Been A Busy Riding Season!!!

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That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!!!!  Anyway after having Richard come all the way from New Zealand



and tell me I need to update my blog and THAT was about two months ago I suppose I really should get started and fill in some of what has been going on the past 3-4 months before fall comes and goes!

Last post I was in Williamsburg, VA (I think) on a mission trip with We Care Ministries.  That was a great trip and you can read more about it here if you want (no sense in me duplicating stuff).  I think I am going to have to go get my calendar to find out what I did next…my memory is failing me right now.  As soon as I got back home in the first week of June my husband, Will,  and I left for a family reunion in PA.

Me having a refreshing dring of Diet Rite!

Me having a refreshing drink of Diet Rite!

We rode my Cavalcade and had a wonderful weekend.

Will and big sis, Gert

Will and big sis, Gert

Will & I (couple shot)

Will & I

Then the next weekend Will’s company had their company picnic.  The first we could remember in the 9 years we have been here.

Company Picnic (I am in pink hat all the way to the left)

Company Picnic (I am in pink hat all the way to the left)

So we were having a terrific start on the “summer picnic diets”.  That was Saturday,  June 14th when the United States celebrates “Flag Day”.

Dunking booth was the favorite activity during the day

Dunking booth was the favorite activity during the day

On Monday, June 16th we left for Sevierville, TN & Douglas Lake where my family was having their week long family reunion.

Can't do anything without that camera around

Can't do anything without that camera around

(We gather in different locations about every 3-4 years.)  Those of you in the Cavalcade Group will remember my stator failure there.  With the help of some excellent aircraft mechanics and Tracy (mechanic advisor & supplier) my Cade was back in great running order in about 24 hours.

Hair styled by Douglas Lake

Hair styled by Douglas Lake

On the way home Sunday afternoon we stopped in Bluefield, WV where they were holding a benefit ride for our friend’s son Zach who had been in a bad bike accident back over Memorial Day weekend.

Cole HD Parking Lot

Cole HD Parking Lot

On July 12th several of us rode to Boone County, WV and visited the nursing home there.

Ready to roll into the nursing home

Ready to roll into the nursing home

The residents enjoyed riding on a couple of the trikes

There is a 1st time for everything

There is a 1st time for everything

100 year old Queen of Boone County Nursing Home 1st ever Motorcylce Ride

100 year old Queen of Boone County Nursing Home 1st ever Motorcycle Ride

and the nursing home blessed several of the riders with wonderful door prizes of gasoline cards.

A Winner!

Laura's A Winner!

I did not win a card, but I did win many smiles from the residents!  Looking forward to next year!

The next week was the annual Freedom Fest up at Snowshoe Mountain.  We rode up for the day and enjoyed visiting the vendors and walked around the bike show.

Top of Snowshoe Mountain

Top of Snowshoe Mountain

Then the last weekend of the month we went to Mountainman Rally in Circleville, WV where we tried out our new tent, cots and sleeping bags.

Mike (Mountainman in green shirt) is a fantastic artist and people will wait hours at a bike rally to have him paint a mural or other design on their motorcyle

Mike (Mountainman in green shirt) is a fantastic artist and people will wait hours at a bike rally to have him paint a mural or other design on their motorcycle

In between all these rides and rallies we also did some shorter rides with some new local friends on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons each week as we were able to fit those in our schedule.

I have not even got to August and September where we really got busy.  So I will stop this post and begin a new one with those two months!

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