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In memory of John Robert Dobbs I want to refer you to his memorial site.  He died in a tragic accident one year ago today just a few days before his High School graduation.  My prayers go out to his loving family especially John & Maggy Dobbs, his parents.

I remember that day clearly as I had just a few hours earlier had given a hug to a mutual friends (Larry & Peggy West) of ours and told them it was from John Dobbs.  As we ate lunch they asked me how I knew John and we talked about Internet and blogs and chatting.  You see I have never met John & Maggy, but have chatted with them for a couple years now over the Internet and feel as though they could very well be some of my best friends.  There have been times when we have had daily interactions and prayer requests.

Anyway not 4 hours later Larry came up to me and told me the very sad news about John Robert.  I was so shocked.  We got John’s cell phone number and immediately called him to offer what words we could though we knew he was in a state of shock.  I still get tears in my eys at this writing.

I was on my first day of a We Care Campaign and over the next few days as I talked to several of those participating I found out that there were others there from all over the US that also knew John & Maggy and who knew John Robert from when he was a child at camp.   I was able to read online the many posts and words of encouragment to the Dobbs family and the articles about John Robert.  I also read over the coming months  John’s blog where he shared with the world his deep grief.  He opened his heart to so many by letting others see his pain and also allowing them to know how God was working in his own life to heal and to continue to work and heal him and Maggy.

As a mom and grandma I know that  one fear I  pray is never having to go through the death of my children/grandchildren before my own.   I thank God that He is there and promises to be there for us no matter what.  Last August when my 14 year old grandson disappeared for over 4 hours I know I felt terror myself.  I could do nothing but cry and pray as I was thousands of miles from where they live and could not join the search for him.  I know God heard the prayers…I also know God some times says yes and other times says no.  We have the right to question Him.  We are His children.  We don’t always understand Him and God knows that.  HE STILL LOVES US!  He will never leave us nor forsake us!

As I prepare today to attend my 17 year old granddaughter’s graduation I do not take anything for granted.  I thank God for all the miracles in life.  I pray for the safety of all the young graduates today.  I also pray for those families who have loses and especially for my friends John & Maggy.

Love to you!

Katrina Graduation Party

Katrina's Graduation Party-Sunday May 17th

Today is also Keagen’s last day of 1st grade!  Another big accomplishment! Here he is in his new school t-shirt ready for that last day.



And Kalin finished his freshman year yesterday! So everyone is happy wqith the end of school!

Kalin -  finals are over!

Kalin - finals are over!

May God be with you and give you a very blessed day!

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