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November 24, 2008 at 10:04 am | Posted in shopping | 3 Comments
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I go to the Box Tops site to rack up points for Cookson Hills Christian School is part of  Cookson Hills Christian Ministries.  My 6 year old grandson wants points too for his school so I have to send him the little coupons logonew off of products periodically so he knows he is not forgotten.  It is a simple thing to clip the coupons off of products you already use and save them.  My daughter told me that Keagen was very excited over the last ones I sent him two weeks ago.  060

With the very busy consumer shopping season coming up I know many will be looking to online resources for gifts.  Well you can also send points to a school at the same time by going to the Box Top site first and then selecting your retailer to shop. Once you are registered at Box tops (a one time registration) then you can just link through shop whenever you have a need.  They also offer grocery coupons about once every two weeks and a drawing for extra Box Tops (I have not won YET).

If you don’t have a child or grandchild with a school to register I am sure Cookson School would appreciate any points you wish to send their way.    As of today’s date they have only made 32% of their goal for the year.  To select them just go to the Box Tops site and register selecting COOKSON HILLS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – Kansas, OK as your school to support.  Thanks.



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  1. Cooper, my 1st grader, collects those too. I forget sometimes and through out a box and he reminds me to get the “box top.” 🙂

  2. hehe I have to dig them out of the trash when Will does that too…hopefully I have not thrown coffee grounds on top. I try to cut the tops off as soon as possible….even before we have used all of the product if possible like with breakfast bars.

  3. Linda, you need to put the coffee gounds on your plants, instead of trashing them!

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