Run For The Son 2008

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What???? No I don’t believe it! There is white stuff outside that I can see through my curtains even though I have not even got out of bed yet……SNOW! Didn’t that calendar say today is April 29th??? Okay no big deal just as long as this Saturday, May 3rd it is sunny & warm. I have a 100+ mile bike ride. That is what Run for the Son 2008 is.

Normally several of us will talk and say if the weather is nice Saturday let’s get together and go for a ride. The first Saturday in May every year a group of bikers get together and ride no matter what the weather. The last two years we have ridden in the rain and had fun anyway.

I have been working on this post since 9 this morning and it is now 9 in the evening. First I was looking for some neat photos of last year’s run and then could not find them. They were somewhere on my husband’s computer. I finally found them and got copies transferred to my computer and then could not find this post. I had saved it as a draft, but somehow it had been deleted. I am now thinking that another article that I started is gone too. (I was not a happy biker/blogger at this point in the afternoon.)

A kind Internet friend chatted with me a short while and cheered me up some when telling me that his manuscripts were lost two times like that. YIKES!!! I just lost a couple of paragraphs. Oh that is so sad that someone else’s misfortune cheered me up. Well when I phrase it like that it is. What I really mean though is that hearing about something like that puts my misery into perspective as I realize my few paragraphs are nothing compared to someone losing months or years of work.

I had a great dinner with my husband and I was encouraged by his sweet comment when he kissed my cheek as I was doing the dishes and he complimented me for the good dinner. So I decided to do something special for him and make him some raisin filled cookies. He really likes this kind of cookie and I have never made them. A few weeks ago he had got a recipe from his niece and I had looked at it and put it up in a safe place. Tonight I could not find the safe place. I looked in my recipe notebook where I usually put such recipes and it was not there and I had recently cleaned out my cupboard with recipe books so I had no idea where else it could be. I had just came back to the computer to start in on this article again when I thought of one more place. Went back into the kitchen and there it was…in the recipe box. Imagine that!

So I made the cookies…well tried. The recipe was not cooperating anything like I thought a dough should look like. I called the niece and asked her about it. She looked at her recipe book and was reading it…after a bit I got suspicious and questioned her about when she made them. She had never used the recipe. Well I finally decided to made some adjustments on the recipe and go from there. It worked. At least I had a dough now! Made some cookies and they are edible. So I have been sitting here nibbling on a cookie and drinking a cup of decaf. Have a great day..what is left & Pray we don’t get more snow tomorrow.

Thanks for reading today!


meme-now where is my dictionary

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and I was tagged by Brian

(For anyone like me who needs to know what

Internet meme means click on it!)

Here’s how this one works…
1. The rules are posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Spring of 1998, I had been married to my wonderful husband for 3 years and we had been in our new house in AZ for 2 years. He had come home one day and had just been laid off from work after 18 years. We were in shock. After three months of hard work on his part and lots of prayers by both of us he was offered a position in OH immediately. So he left and I started marketing the house. (I just happened to be in real estate!) The house sold in 1 week…still wonder if we didn’t ask enough or if God was just trying to keep us together :). We found a great house in less than a week in OH, but less than a month after moving to OH the company hubby was working for sold that facility and he had the option of moving to WV or looking for a new job. We checked out WV and decided on moving there. (A bird in the hand…) So that is how we bought and sold two houses in one year! Wow…that has been 10 years already!

Five things on my to do list for today:

  1. Laundry-already started
  2. Call insurance and get a quote
  3. Call my aunt about family reunion in June
  4. Finish minutes for CMA meeting and email
  5. Clean house, fix dinner… (oh now I am adding things to this number because I ran out of numbers but not things to do list)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

  1. Work as a missionary more than I do now
  2. Give and Give some more (I like Brian’s answer so I will just keep it – saves me thinking of another one)
  3. Go see Wendy in Australia
  4. Tell my hubby he could take early retirement today
  5. Get hubby a toy hauler and we would travel (could afford the gas!) may need to invest in some oil wells

Three of my bad habits:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Wasting time
  3. Unorganized (thankfully there is only 3 on this list!)

Five places I have lived:

  1. Greenville, SC
  2. Michigan City, IN
  3. Albuquerque, NM
  4. Beale AFB, CA (Marysville/Yuba city)
  5. Eloy, AZ (It is featured on the TV commercial)

Five jobs I have had:

  1. store clerk/cashier
  2. phlebotomist
  3. gas station attendant (telling my age here)
  4. police officer
  5. pit crew

Five People I Want to Know More About:

  1. Mike K
  2. Paula
  3. Cecil
  4. John P
  5. Lace (now I just have to figure out how to tag some of these people hehe)

National Day of Prayer

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May 1st is coming up and it is also the day that is set aside here in the USA as the National Day of Prayer. This video is an excellent reminder to us as why it is so important for us as individuals and as a nation to pray for our country and our world. Thank you John Dobbs for the reminder to share this information.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Please do as I have and pass this on to someone else. We have a tendency to pass a lot of unimportant information around the Internet and now we have the opportunity to forward on something of importance!

God Bless!


Biking & Blogging

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I got my learner’s permit for the bike yesterday and now I am posting my first blog that my friend Wendy has encouraged me to start writing. I get easily sidetracked in life so it will be a big surprise to me as to what happens in either one of these adventures.

My bike has this terrific feature that is made to stabilize it for smoother riding…it is called auto level. I needed instructions to understand the instructions……

And after many attempts and much time the copy of my instruction manual and instructions will JUST not cooperate and place themselves in this area! I have soooo much to learn!

After all of that I found out it was a very simple procedure. After loading, getting on and starting the bike just push the button and wait for the compressor to level. Why didn’t they say so??? My dear husband Will

always explains things to me like the manual, but then he writes technical manuals for work that have to go to FAA. (No I am not blond!) Plain speaking does work though as does examples of “how to”.

I am using a program on my Firefox browser called ScribeFire to help me write this. One thing I have learned by trial and error is that the neat features do not work “automatically” even if they happen to say “auto”. I have to do something to use them. Some times it even requires reading instructions. I am still learning the blog and ScribeFire instructions so my comments on those will have to wait (at this point I see nothing funny about them!)

This has happened in my life also. I have to use my “Life Book” to get the instructions from God in order to have smoother riding. It does not always mean that I don’t have bumps and hazards in the road, but at least with my owner’s manual at hand I can read about how others have gotten through the rough spots and know that I too can do this. My life is not perfect and I know my bike riding is not (I am a beginner and have lots to learn) and the same will be true of my writings. Anyone who has ever chatted with me already knows that I am a horrible tyipytst.

To make my first post a little more interesting I am including a couple
of photos to spice this up…after all adventure is what makes any ride fun.

Thanks for letting me share!


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